The location


A comprehensive site assessment has been carried out which is intended to directly inform the design approach to this opportunity for an integrated scheme into the site.

Location overview

The site is located in Chertsey, which is located in the County of Surrey, found to the West of London. It is located in the administrative centre of Runnymede Borough Council and is located inside of the London Orbital Motorway (M25, Junction 11). Chertsey is located on the right bank of the River Thames and is sited between Guildford, Woking, Addlestone and Byfleet to the south with Staines, Egham, Virginia Water and London Heathrow to the north. To the east of the site lies Shepperton & Esher with Chobham & Camberley to the south west. The town of Chertsey currently has a population of just under 16,000 people.

The overall area is located within the Surrey Commuter belt and has excellent public transport and highway connections to the capital and the rest of the south east.

Site location

The site is located on Guildford Road, the A320, on the southern side of Chertsey railway station. Guildford road connects the railway station directly to the town centre of Chertsey. However the road is no longer the main route through the town centre as the A317 and the Bell Bridge Road now take the bulk of the town centre traffic bypassing the railway crossing.

The north eastern boundary of the site is adjacent the railway line that is part of the South Western Railway Network which connects to central London at London Waterloo, while operating regional services in Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset.
The south eastern boundary of the site faces residential homes consisting of a mixture of 2-4 storey dwellings of Highcross Place which forms part of a relatively new residential scheme.

There is a strong presence of commercial and office space nearby with major business like; Crest (South West, Regen, Strategic) and Samsung to the north of the railway and this sets the defined areas. The sites location to the south, in a predominately residential area, means it would be incongruous to have office or commercial in this location and that it is much more consistent, clear and appropriate for it to be regenerated for residential use.

Site context

The site is located immediately adjacent to Chertsey railway station. The railway splits the site and the main station building, along with being on opposite side of the road, but the proposal would be a key building within the surrounding area. The immediate context of buildings consist of commercial units north of the site leading towards the town centre. The south of the site predominately falls into residential plots for the majority with only a very small number of office units.